As a one time radio DJ and collector I have spent countless hours, much like those of u reading this, listening to CD after CD, and I am often shocked to find a song on one CD release sounds clearly audibly different from the same song on another release.

This presents a problem when building a station library, what gets aired? What gets deleted? Some stations software has a function known as rotations that basically assign a letter appendix to the numerical listing of the track, so if u had 3 versions of a song, track 5487 it would be 5487a, 5487b, 5487c ...this is good bc when the schedule is automated, 5487 only gets scheduled once, but each time it's called up it remembers what letter was played last and it then plays the next one.

So anyway in my own collecting I try to identify materially different versions and then decide if any are worth keeping. To me, even tho the song may be a dupe, some are worth keeping and knowing the exact source cd is worth maintaining.

However, a lot of times a song may be exact duped by differing CDs or maybe u have only one version u want used or played, but u want to save space etc... I would love to be able to identify exact matches automatically (via audio fingerprinting) or manually with the intent that if this song is called up, this is the preferred version to play, and or get a song listed as part of say, a soundtrack, if it was deleted as a dupe from that soundtrack bc it exists on a traditional album elsewhere.

A system like this could work either via tags, or as user config'ing LMS if it allowed such functions. I'd like to get rotations and other radio station style scheduling into LMS. It actually has most of what it needs to do it!