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    no 7.9.1 LMS beta software upgrades since Sept 15

    I appreciate the efforts of the resident geniuses providing
    beta software upgrades as often as they do. Just curious
    if the rather long stretch of no new beta upgrade is an
    indication of anything worth knowing regarding the health
    and future of LMS. Again, immense gratitude to the
    community that keeps LMS relevant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by photonblur View Post
    Just curious if the rather long stretch of no new beta upgrade is an
    indication of anything ...
    Hmmmmaybe Michael is on Holidays?
    IMHO he is a grown Man with Family and didnt have ask here if he could spend his time somewhere else.

    Do you miss something in the current version thats needed to be fixed?
    Do you like more betas with the possibility of adding some errors or do you want stable betas ?

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    I also think a lot of energy went into the new Spotify plugin instead.
    I'm not worried...
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    Build compiler appears to be broken.

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