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    Can a Pi USB output deliver signal only?

    I've just bought an SMSL M3 DAC/amp for driving my headphones. It cost ú46 on eBay.
    My main system has no headphone socket so I've setup another Pi Mk 1 running piCorePlayer 3.0.1. Squeezelite is ver 1.8.4-762. Output setting is iec958:CARD=DAC,DEV=0. Connection is via USB.
    It sounds quite good, but I suspect my Sennheiser HD470 headphones are the weak link.

    However, if I plug an external PSU (2.1 amp) into the DAC, I can't tell any improvement in the sound. The DAC is obviously being powered by the Pi (2 amp input), but I'd have thought a PSU running to the DAC should sound better.
    Can the Pi be configured to supply signal only to the DAC? I imagine separating power & signal would give a better sound.
    Any advice welcome.

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    replied on your other thread,

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