For several years I used an HP Microserver as my media centre and Squeezebox server, but for the last year or so I have mainly used an android box. As a consequence I haven't been switching on my noisy Microserver and so not using my squeezebox. I wanted to use my android box to run LMS but received wisdom seemed to be that this was not possible.

Recently I bought an all-singing and dancing Nvidia Shield TV and my thoughts turned to running LMS on it. In order to keep the ability to use 4k HDR on Amazon TV the box could not be rooted which seemed a bit of a drawback. I wondered whether I could run Linux on an un-rooted android box and then install LMS on that. To cut a long story shortish - the answer is YES!

The answer turns out to be GNURoot which allows Linux to run under a false root. I chose the Debian flavour of GNURoot, then followed the instructions on the Logitech support site for installing LMS on Debian. It all worked perfectly! Posts on the Nvidia Shield support site suggest you must run Plex in order to make your drives available over the network so I followed this advice and LMS was available on port 9001.Name:  Capture.jpg
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