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    Quote Originally Posted by bpa View Post
    What areyou playing ?
    If it is AAC then if Boom is part of sync group - LMS will transcode to Flac which will put a load on processor as well as increase network traffic.

    Use info to track the problem. Not sure about pcp but usually "cat /proc/net/wireless " gives detail info on wifi - noise level is as important as quality. Are there many discarded packets ?
    Wifi can operate at different speeds - what speed is your interface runnign at ? ( somehting like "iw dev wlan0 link" might tell you)
    Any message in LMS log.
    If nohting above then enable squeezelite logging - check is it a sync problem or a network problem.
    Ok I've updated to your latest iPlayer, seems much better, not sure why? It's not perfect but testing so far it's just a slight echo between rooms, so if it stays like that it's more than good enough.

    Anyway if anyone wants a cheap headless player for a bathroom, the a pizero and a justboom will give you one for approx ú35. Not the last word in hifi but good enough for me.


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    Quote Originally Posted by slingshotx View Post
    Ok I've updated to your latest iPlayer, seems much better, not sure why?
    Changing BBciplayer plugin within the 1.5.* versions will not affect anyhting - this is a placebo effect.

    Your underlying problem is still there.

    BBC plays AAC and since Boom is in the sync group - you are transcoding so you may be straining your processor and network - in those circumstances the master player can affect things.
    Performance will also vary if you are playing live BBCiPlayer vs Listen Again.

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