I am using LMS 7.9.1. from Sep 15 2017 on a Windows 10 PC.

I have a Squeezebox Classic and a Squeezebox Radio connected to the same mysqueezebox account.

Immediately after installation of LMS both players are found and everything works OK.

When I stop the server and start it again, the LMS no longer finds the players, nor can the players connect to LMS.
Squeezebox Radio network diagnosis shows that it can ping the LMS but not connect on ports 3483 nor 9000

Same happens when I reboot my PC.

Neither rebooting nor restarting helps.

The only way to fix this is re-installing the LMS from the downloaded install exe. Afterwards both players are found immediately and all is OK - until I reboot the PC or stop and restart the LMS.

I assume something (starting a demon; port-forwarding; what so ever) is done during install that is missing after restart (or done at the wrong time).

Does anyone have similar experiences or even a solution for this? It is quite annoying to re-install the LMS every time I reboot the PC or change the LMS config.