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    Add command line, where?

    Quote Originally Posted by mherger View Post
    > All I get when I try to enter Settings from my Spotty page.


    > Also when I go to access the radio (iPlayer)

    What would the following command tell you:

    ls -l



    In the Mac Os terminal?

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    Mac OS High Sierra & LMS problems.

    >> ls -l /Users/jeremyfryman/Library/Caches/Squeezebox/InstalledPlugins/Plugins/BBCiPlayer/
    > In the Mac Os terminal?[/color]

    Yes, in the terminal.

    Oh, and it should be on one line...



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    Mac Os High Sierra problems

    Very strange. I reinstalled the LMS server from a JUly version of 7.9.1.

    It would not call up the (http://localhost:9000/settings/index.html) page.

    However I have it as a bookmark.

    Called it up and VOILA! it worked, setting pages and sub pages all work, there for all the plugins.
    Now BBC iPlayer works, Spotty also.

    I will report back to see how it progresses. Though at the moment... not touching anything.

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    Mac Os High Sierra problems

    Super enhanced security? Maybe but EVERY call for an external web page now fails to call Chrome! Even from Mail.

    Set the default to Safari and everything calls up correctly. Apple hijack tricks? Well I will reinstall Chrome and see if it restores my preferred browser. (Though Safari is really not too bad!)

    __________________________________________________ _

    OK a fresh install of Google Chrome and everything work perfectly. Chrome is now the default.

    Many thanks for all your help folks.


    Oh bye the way solved the problem with iPlayer cutting out. Just set the options to HLS>DASH

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