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    Internet Blind Test: MQA Core Decode vs. Hi-Res PCM - RESULTS...

    Hey guys,
    Thanks for submissions...

    Procedure (Part I)
    Results (Part II)

    It is what it is :-).
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    Your expert investigations

    Hi Archimago!

    Tragically, because of reasons beyond my control, I was unable to participate personally in your blind test of MQA.

    I am nonetheless interesting in the subject matter of your investigation because I own a Mytek Brooklyn DAC which is MQA-capable: this particular functionality is in no way the reason why I bought it, I was much more enamoured of its ability to decode programme material all the way up to 32/384 PCM & DXD256, plus its in-built 6W+6W balanced headphone amplifier (handy for my Sennheiser HD800S cans) & its MC/MM phono preamp (which will at last enable my to reconnect my early LP12/Ittok/Koetsu Rosewood Signature combo, which I have loving dragged around through 8 address changes since its 1980's heyday, & then to revisit my legacy collection of vinyl LP's - I don't imagine that I'll be easily tempted to expand that collection given the utterly silly price that new vinyl offerings are peddled at, lol... ).

    Thankfully you achieved a sufficient sample size that my own take (whatever it might have been) would have made no difference to your conclusions (cue Jim Morrison, "What can you do, it's a democracy?").

    I await your further in-depth analysis with interest, but I think that you have already established that extravagant claims of "Studio Master Certified" et al. are merely marketing hype.

    Great work!


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