I'm using LMS 7.9.1 and Squeezelite on Debian, connecting to an USB DAC. The USB DAC reports being able to support 24/192 but in fact it can only process up to 24/96. Adding -r 96000 works fine for playing files stored locally but when streaming Qobuz Sublime, which can stream 24/192 FLAC streams, it's still being served as 24/192 which results in complete gibberish.
I can do a rule on custom-convert.conf in order to use sox to resample to 96KHz. This is the rule I use:
flc flc * *
        # IR
        [sox] -q  -t flac - -t flac -r 96000 -
The problem with this approach is that it upsamples everything to 96KHz, including local files. What I would like to achieve is to resample to 96KHz only for streams above 96KHz and leave everything else untouched.
Do you know of any way to do this, either on LMS or on Squeezelite?

Thanks in advance,