One of my LMS (latest 7.9.1 nightly, macOS 10.12) has no internet connection. To make debugging easier and my log less cluttered, I would very much like to get rid of the error messages that complain (every couple of minutes or so) about timed out connection attempts:

Connect timed out: 
[17-09-08 17:36:10.0633] Slim::Plugin::InternetRadio::Plugin::_gotRadioError (67) Unable to retrieve radio directory from SN: Connect timed out: 
[17-09-08 17:37:05.0670] Slim::Formats::XML::gotErrorViaHTTP (310) Error: getting http://opml.radiotime.com/Index.aspx?partnerId=16
If there is no option in the settings (I didn't find one), I'd gladly settle for a little hack or someting like this.
Thank you.