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    LMS Scanning Issue - incrementspossible?

    > I don't think (though will check again) that the 412+ model can have
    > more RAM, but I'm not sure as I say

    According to this table
    you can have 4GB.

    > Re logs, think these will have been wiped clean since I uninstalled the
    > LMS from the NAS?

    Likely, yes.



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    Thanks again for that, much appreciated.

    I plant to upgrade the RAM in the NAS.

    In the meantime, I have started the process again and find that the LMS doesn't seem to be able to scan beyond 75,000 tracks or so (this is roughly where it stopped last time). I attach copies of server and scanner logs. Are they telling me that the scanning stopped the server connecting because of labelling issues with the music files?

    Hope you can help - appreciate this has dribbled on a bit...
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