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    MusicIP scan issue

    I have recently installed MusicIP on my Raspberry Pi using frankd's method found in a thread on the forum and it works well except for a very slow initial start up on my device.

    If I do a "clear library and rescan" the scan completes but if I do a "new and changed scan" the RAM used on my Pi increases until none is free and the Pi crashes.

    I set logging on MusicIP to debug and I can see that mixable status of tracks is being read by the scanner but while this is happening the memory use of the MusicMagicServer service is continually increasing as more songs are scanned.

    When this reaches around 67% reported by "top" the Pi crashes. This doesn't happen during a full scan where the memory usage of MusicMagicServer remains low.

    Why would a "new and changed" scan cause more RAM usage than a full scan?

    Using LMS 7.9.1

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