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Thread: Router help..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff07971 View Post
    20+ Years for one of my clients, No isuses at all

    15+ Years as a residential customer 1 issue, (I remember it well, Rocking on my chair wimpering for four days !!!) BT came along to replace a pole and forgot to reconnect me ! so not even Zen's problem.

    11+ Years for another client, no issues.

    10+ years for a friend (residential) 1 issue, BT nicked their line ! (These are the 25GB+ a day ones) fixed in 1 day.

    To be fair though Zen are quite expensive but its their reaction to a problem that counts
    Why am I not surprise you use Zen?

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    Quote Originally Posted by d6jg View Post
    Why am I not surprise you use Zen?

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    I wonder !
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    Quote Originally Posted by d6jg View Post
    Zen Support is excellent. They have consistently won best business broadband provider awards.
    Their equivalent to Infinity 2 is ú29.50 plus VAT per month. It's truly unlimited and slightly faster than BTs offering. Critically because it has fewer users per exchange it's contention ratio is normally excellent.
    You & Jeff have both got me quite excited about Zen (Iam easily pleased)...But looking at there site cant find ú29.50 Fibre.. Price- on top of this I will need landline too.Looking at it, looks a lot more on price.Of Course I may be reading this wrong and I will ring them to see if they can do me a good Bundle deal.

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