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I appreciate the time spent to respond to my question.

I know the SB user group has long been full of clever, very capable and resourceful people. Back when I was a more active visitor to the forum, I'd often see projects discussed that were well beyond anything I could understand, much less do myself. It looks like it's possible to produce player functionality but it involves putting together hardware pieces, doing linux setup steps, and interacting with a linux server going forward. No matter how simple for many, these are not things I have an interest in doing.

I'll keep following this thread. My take away is that options are available but are not feasible to be accomplished by me. My best or maybe even only alternative may be to get Sonos equipment as my hardware dies.

Thanks again, I sincerely appreciate the responses.
I have 3 Rpi's around the house doing various things quite sucessfully. I can barely spell Linux (and certainly can't pronounce it!) let alone do setup stuff, but following the advice above you will be able to do it all without giving it more than a galncing blow.
And before you rush into Sonus give this article a good read:

Sonos is not nearly as flexible as Squeezebox - and 4 times as expensive! It's well worth giving d6 and Mr Brains' advice careful consideration in my humble opinion.