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    Quote Originally Posted by Recoveryone View Post
    Still would like to replace my old Transport that died a few years ago...
    There are several "new in box" available on ebay.

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    Thanks to Raspberry Pi there really isn't much of a need to go to any of the alternative media devices. Then it just comes down to server software, and as far as I can see there aren't many options that are as versatile as the LMS system. And, in the few places where LMS could be "better", no other system has offered the features.

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    Have been using my Duets for a number of years, now with a couple of Raspberry Pi's added to the system. As mentioned earlier, it has never worked as well as it does now. It simply works. I don't think there's a better endorsement than that.

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    Having spent the time ripping my CD's into FLAC, I can use pretty much any player. I do like my squeezeboxes/LMS but don't get as much time to use them as I'd like. If the wife would get on board and use them more we'd get so much more out of the system, it's got so many features that I've never used/needed. I like them, no need to change in my opinion.

    Trying to get my dad to get one, maybe via a Pi would be a good idea?
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    The Pi is akin to building your own squeezebox, although there are some out there that will even build it for you for a fee.

    I like to tinker, and I like the idea of building something to meet my needs.

    For instance, one of my foremost goals is going to be to build a Pi based system that is basically portable: (1) has the media library built into it (Hard-Drive) (2) hosts the LMS and is the player; has the speakers, (3) can act as a hot-spot to provide control through a phone (or perhaps blutooth if possible).

    I'm pretty sure it is all possible because of the flexibility of how a Pi works, and there are many examples online where at least 2/3 of what I am looking for have been implemented simultaneously.

    I've also built a couple of squeezeboxes that essentially function as duets. That was my primary goal when jumping into the system and trying to keep within the system. Eventually all the remaining duets will die, and I want to have something to stand-in its place. For those devices, I like the hi-fi outputs.

    And, if you figure out how to do things, it is cheap compared to what the squeezebox devices originally cost and even what they cost on a used market now.

    Finally, there are so many cool projects out there. You just have to be willing to be a bit hands-on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by timearp View Post
    Trying to get my dad to get one, maybe via a Pi would be a good idea?
    Problem with recommending technology to family is you become their technical support. Having said that, I'm running LMS on a Pi3 using Max2Play and am very happy. Have the Spotty plug in and it's fairly reliable. Whenever things stop working (usually AirPlay), I use the Max2Play interface to install the latest nightly, reboot the Pi3 and all is good again. I'm using a Pi3 with the OS & library all on a 200GB SD card. If I had do it over again, would have put the OS on a smaller SD and the library on a USB stick, but couldn't find a small USB stick with 200GB and was only an 1/8" or so external.

    If he's not particularly computer savvy and doesn't need multi-room audio, you might want to consider bluetooth speakers or a streaming device, like chromecast audio.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JeffHart View Post
    Problem with recommending technology to family is you become their technical support.
    Yes that can be true, but the key to minimizing one's support role is to setup as perfect a system as possible. I installed LMS with SB'3 at my parents home and started my sister using Squeezebox. I upgraded my parents to SB Touch when Touch came out and my parents listen to Music all the time without any issues.

    When we visit, I upgrade LMS version if one is available and add more music files. I haven't had to do anything else in over 9 years.
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    Back when Logitech decide to discontinue the Squeezebox, I grabbed one of the last SB Touch boxes I could find.
    While the remote has since gone belly-up, the SBT itself is still doing a fine job, served by a Raspberry Pi running LMS.
    I also recently got a new AV receiver with networking, plugged it into the switch shared by the SBT and Pi, and lo and behold, it picked up all the music from the LMS instantly, gapless, hires and all.
    So even if my SBT should cease working completely, I'll still be staying in the ecosystem.

    Here's a big "thank you!" to the developers making LMS far more awesome than it has ever been (even when it was "officially supported". )

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    No compelling need to update anything...

    Why would I even consider change? This will continue to fulfill my every need when it comes to music listening for a long time.

    I was worried when the original UI applications for IOS and Android became obsolete, but there are perfect replacements out there. And there's always the web browser... :-)

    And I continue to convert people - they see the stuff at my place (I think it's the sound quality that they're not used to, first and foremost) and want me to put something together for them. And buying used SB stuff is much cheaper than going with Sonos (and the integrated amps or speakers -ugh- in some Sonos systems simply aren't good enough for their price).

    Thanks to the developers! And let's continue to support them!
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    I have never seen any need to change platform. The server and various controllers (mostly Android, but I sometimes still use the Duet or a browser) work great, and the various players all sound good for the room I have them in. (Touches in the serious music listening rooms, Duet receivers in others, radios in kitchen and guest rooms, Booms in my office and bedroom--all sound great.) I also use my phone as a player, with good headphones and connected back to the home server, when I travel. It's a great system for flexibility, serving all the music needs I have, or expect to have in the foreseeable future. I have some financial investment in the hardware, and time invested in ripping/tagging/configuring. So this is what I'll be using for a long time. If one of the hardware players should die, I'll replace it with another.

    The fact that Logitech chose to drop the line doesn't faze me; my infrastructure is in place, and I love it.

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