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    MusicpIP Headless not running in Fedora 26 -MOVED TO 3rd Party Software

    Has anyone had any success running MusicIP headless in Fedora 26? After doing a clean install of Fedora, I'm unable to get the scripts to run. I have tried running the scripts and attempting to modify them as-is in /etc/init.d, and converting them to systemd scripts, but without success. I am by no means an expert in Linux, and most of the errors found in logs have been syntax related (command not found,etc.) Anyone had any success with this, or have any suggestions? Thanks!
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    Matrix, did you get it working ?
    I run Vortexbox on Fedora 23 and here is the setup script they use which may be some help, the only other resource is the Spicefly SugarCube site - http://www.spicefly.com/article.php?page=musicip-linux
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