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    "multi-disc sets as multiple albums" breaks "group compilation albums"

    This is on a fresh installation of LMS nightly 7.9.1 - 1502265250 on a pi 3.

    My compilations are correctly grouped as long as I also choose to group multi-disc sets. However when I choose album per disc as I prefer and do a full rescan, all my compilations are also listed for each and every track artist. I am relying on the logic where an album is handled as a compilation when there are differing track artists and no albumartist set. The odd compilation with an explicit compilation tag seems to be handled fine.

    I have no problems on an LMS 7.7.1 setup running on a QNAP with the same combination of ungrouped multi-disc / grouped compilations with the exact same audio files.

    Screenshot of other "My Music" settings to produce broken compilation grouping attached. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong here?
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