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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeMuc2009 View Post
    It's just my opinion but I think reconing the speakers is overkill when the only thing that breaks is actually the surrounds which are well-reachable and available for purchase.
    Absolutely agree Joe - was just answering the question.

    Quote Originally Posted by JoeMuc2009 View Post
    it's actually amazing that they last for so long.
    Yeah, but beta testers of the product started to see these failures back in 2010/2011 after two-three years of use. So relatively pleased mine lasted 11 years or so, I obviously started preparing for the failure for some years now - as well as the foam surrounds purchased in 2015, I have a new in box pair of Faital Pros (2018) and a new in box pair of Logitech 170089's snapped up when some appeared on eBay, also in 2018.
    Just ordered some more foams as well, I have many more speakers to keep in top shape!!

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