> My only wish is to have SB mod'ed so that it has external clock
> sync function which someone in France is trying to release soon. I think
> the power supply and the clock are the Achilles' heel of SB to be really
> competetive in that arena.

I dumped the SB power supply in favour of a less noisy and more robust one
some time ago. In addition I have an upsampling (i.e. reclocking) DAC
(Perpetual Technologies P3-A, PT Digital Correction Unit P1-A and Monolithic
PSU). However, I have still not got rid of my Naim CDX for two reasons:

1) The Squeezebox is not reliable enough (very occasional dropouts and
occasional total lack of any audible output whatsoever - especially when
synched with Softsqueeze). Another factor is the slow and unstable browsing
navigation using either the remote (my preferred control) or the Slimserver
web app. I have begun to think that anything that depends upon a computer
(Windows or Linux OS) is never ever going to be as reliable as a dedicated
hardware CD Player.

2) The Squeezebox arrangement just does not seem capable of achieving the
warmth and depth of sound provided by my Naim CDX (I've tried a whole bunch
of DACS varying in 2nd hand price from 100 to 600 UK Pounds). I have
recently been forced to the opinion that I am not going to get anything but
a slightly cold and flat (albeit very clean, detailed and precise) sound out
of the Squeezebox arrangement (please note careful choice of phrase... I do
not think it is the fault of the Squeezebox!).

If anyone has a DAC that they think brings the sound of the Squeezebox close
to the warmth and sheer attractiveness of the Naim CDX can I borrow it for a
couple of days please? :-)

Happy New Year

Simon Turner
Brighton UK