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    A bit of fun with javascript and the Spotify webplayer

    I have a web page on a pi that lets me paste Spotify links (e.g. playlists, tracks, albums etc.) and it plays them on my squeezeplayers via Spotty. This is useful if I'm browsing the Spotify website.

    I wanted to see if I could go one step further and automate the playlist commands straight from the spotify website rather than copying and pasting links into my own web page. I've been playing with jquery (never used it or javascript before) but have managed to come up with this:
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    The code's horrendously messy and in no fit state to be shared at the moment so this is more a case of me enjoying the sense of satisfaction of achieving what I wanted to do. That said, if people are interested I may see if I can tidy the code up and share it.

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    Presumably not limited to Spotify but could be modified to anything that exposes a playable URI
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    I sometimes run s pi with dac hat as a stand alone Spotify-connect player (also as a Squeezelite player).

    I was recently thinking about a Screen and started looking around the web.

    apparently it should be possible to do this in Chromium on the Raspbian distro, but still sometimes a bit flaky.


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    Out of curiosity, last year I prototyped a squeezelite like player by rewriting in Javascript and websockets. It proved the concept but it also threw up a some web security issues and would not be gapless - so I didn't persue it further as I reckoned the time taken to make it user friendly (easy to access via a special LMS webpage , a UI) was not worth it.

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