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    Squeezebox duet scanning for players issue

    I recently factory reset my squeezebox duet and I'm having trouble setting it back up. I can connect to the wifi with no problems. It then asks if I have a mysqueezebox account which I have and I fill in the details. After this is where I get the problem, it goes to a screen saying 'Scanning for Players' and does not progress. I have uninstalled and reinstalled LMS and this has not worked. I have opened the ports on my router and this has not fixed the problem. When I login to mysqueezebox account it shows a remote has been added but says it is not connected

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    The receiver needs to be in a factory reset state for the controller to see it. Long press the front button on the receiver until you get a fast red blink. then release the button and the red blink should become a slow red blink. Then the controller should be able to see the receiver, it will show up by its MAC address. When you select it from the controller screen the controller transfers the setup info to the receiver (wifi SSID and security info), once the setup info is transferred to the receiver the receiver will attach to your network (blue light on receiver) and then LMS (dim white light on receiver). Now when you see that receiver on the controller you see it by the name you gave it. This is actually occurring between the controller and LMS, LMS is actually controlling the receiver once that connection is made between the receiver and LMS.
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    Thanks for response. Tried what you said and finally got it working

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