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    SB Touch replacement from Aluratek? (Not hi - fi, but good enough?)

    Does anyone have: Aluratek AIRMM04F Wi-fi Internet Radio Media Player?? (I searched the entire forums for "Aluratek", and nothing recent popped up)

    Link: http://aluratek.com/wifi-internet-ra...screen-display

    Full specs: http://aluratek.com/documents/get/document/id/865/

    Also: model AIRMM05F: http://aluratek.com/stream-pro-wifi-...screen-display

    Despite looking at the webpage and reading the data sheet, I can't figure it out exactly...

    It runs on Android and says that it has access to the google play store. In my mind, that means you should be able to download OrangeSqueeze + squeezeplayer and have a solution that works.

    The squeezebox radio in my son's room died, and I am looking for a replacement. While it won't be the best the best sound quality, it serves as an alarm clock and can play our music.

    Anyone with access to this device? Thoughts appreciated!
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    The Stream Pro looks very like the Zettaly Avy ( https://www.whathifi.com/news/ces-20...ndroid-speaker) - I thought the developer ran out of money - perhaps it is being OEMed and this is just another company which sticks their badges on other products. Main problem with Avy was old version of Android (4.4) and no suppor - Android 5 was never releasedt. None of the spec sheets mention that the product run Android and no mention of thr version. One mentions Google Play but if player runs 4.4 then some apps are not supported.


    On Amazon.com the AIRMM04F is being sold as a Zettaly AVy with Lollipop 5.1 and on Amazon.co.uk it is sold as an Orbsmart Soundpad. The cheapest Aluratek wifi player is sold as by Kelement on Amazon.com.
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