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    Quote Originally Posted by d6jg View Post
    It shouldn't be necessary.
    I know it is a pain but have you tried the Pi running LMS without the DAC+ attached to it?
    My set up is fairly similar except that my Pi that runs LMS is dedicated as a server - Squeezelite is disabled.
    It's pCp 3.20 with NFS mount to QNAP. Same version of LMS as you and same Spotty.
    I have various players connected - many are synced - and no drop outs like those that you are experiencing.
    i did at one stage try a Pi with Touchscreen and USB DAC as the LMS server and that was problematic.
    I have set-up a new PiCorePlayer configuration with a Raspberry Pi 2, and, as you have adviced me, without the HiFiBerry hat, and Squeezelite Player turned off.
    Unfortunately I have exactly the same problem...... I have tried to synchronize my Touch with one of my SB Radios, resulting in much more drop-outs on both devices...
    Very strange that this problem does not happen at all on my other PiCorePlayer (running LMS and Squeezelite with the HiFiBerry DAC) in combination with another PiCorePlayer (without LMS, only the Squeezelite player)...

    UPDATE: I have configured a Max2Play image running LMS / Spotty (same versions as on my PiCorePlayer set-up), and I do not have ANY dropouts! I have synchronized 2 x SB Radios with my SB Touch, and it works great! So bye bye PicorePlayer...
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