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should but didn't, at least with my DS..
I was able to fix it like this: I looked for the IPv4Addr.pm file and found it in /volume1/@appstore/SqueezeCenter/CPAN/Network folder.
copied it to the Net folder in CPAN and now UPnP is working.

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Thanks, this trick worked on my DS416 also. I had already working setup more than week, then it stopped working. did reinstall, but no go. Did use http://server.pinkdot.nl/sspks/ source for DS416, 7.9.1-1503129892 was available for DS416, Did not work until copied IPv4Addr.pm to Net folder.

Now there'e new feature.. squeezing sound on begin of song when I press next song button, same also when seeking. Thought that I read about it somewhere.. got to search..