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    Font Replacer in 2017--please help

    I've been using the Font Replacer applet on my Squeezebox Touches and Radios for years to display Japanese text, but for at least several months now I have been unable to activate Font Replacer on a Touch. There is no error message and the add-on seems to install, but too quickly, with no download of files appearing to take place. When the Touch restarts it is as if the applet has not been installed. Font Replacer does appear in the applet list with "reinstall" shown in parenthesis after it, but the normal confirmation to activate Font Replacer doesn't appear; the Touch just shows its usual home screen.

    I tried doing a factory restore but got the same result.
    I have been unable to contact the add-on's author.

    It appears that the required files are unavailable for download. Can anyone confirm this? If the files are missing, is there a way to install them manually? I do have the add-on working on another Squeezebox Touch and on a few Squeezebox Radios.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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    I'm happy to report that this problem has been fixed and Font Replacer is working again.

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    It is confirmed. Font Replacer installed and works! Well, I did lost the digital clock briefly in the screensaver mode and the digital output revert to 2-channel audio output but I managed to get them back again.

    To the author, thank you!

    (Moderator: I apologize for the double-posting... I want to thank the author for fixing the app when he reads this.)
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