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    Thanks for the pictures and instructions. My remote had not been used for a long time.
    When I opened it today the batteries was in a miserable shape. Sweat and ruined batteries.
    By open up and get rid of all battery "sweat" inside of the remote I finally made it work again.

    My good old Squeezbox Touch that have been working mainly as a clock for many years has reinvented itself to
    be the preferred Internet radio "box". Very nice sounding compared to DAB+.

    Love my Squeezebox Touch :-)

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    cleaning remote

    Quote Originally Posted by kidstypike View Post
    The top part is a piece of hard plastic with a coating that becomes sticky over time, I cleaned mine with my wife's nail varnish remover, trouble is it cleaned all the lettering off too .

    Not to worry, it feels 100 times better and I only use it for it's volume control these days.

    I inserted a fairly slim (not sharp) knife blade under the join at the top right corner (me being left-handed), and prised it gently up. Once you get it started, you'll know what to do, there are 8 lugs on the main bottom piece (4 each side) that need pulling outwards from the top piece, easy once you get going if you get one side free, the top plate should just pull off.

    The "buttons" are a single piece of moulded floppy rubber and just lie on top of the PCB.

    Good luck.

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    Just found this helpful tip. Worked a treat. I used Isoclean (Isopropanol Cleaning Fluid). Remote now as good as new. Thanks.

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    When my remote became unpleasantly sticky I opened up the unit and treated the top part with silicone remover (the stuff you use in bathrooms etc). Paint it on and leave overnight. It took a few applications, but exposed the shiny plastic surface underneath and did not remove the lettering.

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