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    Quote Originally Posted by PasTim View Post
    The latest version of LMS supports Perl 5.26, as installed with Ubuntu 17.10. This means you don't need to compile Perl 5.24
    Thanks PasTim for your reply
    I've solved the issue. It was due to the fact I've previously modified the LMS launchers and that the new installation don't overwrite them
    Quote Originally Posted by sbellon View Post
    # Ensure after an LMS update that we switch to our own Perl and not Debian's.
    for NAME in squeezeboxserver squeezeboxserver-cleanup squeezeboxserver-scanner; do
    sed -i -e 's+/usr/bin/perl+/opt/perl-5.24.3-LMS/bin/perl+g' /usr/sbin/$NAME
    I've restored those files from my backup and now everything seems OK: Thanks at lot to Michael

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    Thank you, as ever, @mherger. Saved me a lot of time, on Ubuntu 17.10.

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