I am aware, that both are lossless so there are no differences in quality and conversion between them is lossless. So no trouble there.

But I am thinking, as I am living in the Apple Ecosystem, if a conversion of my music, which is mainly in flac, to ALAC would make sense. Direct import into iTunes would be the plus - but is there an alternative approach? I am using mp3fs at the moment, but kind of not to happy with it (I think AAC on the iPhone would save a bit of space there?)? I am not planning to put flac on my iPhone (I don’t see the use as neither the speaker nor the headphones are up to that level and 64GB is not to much for flac).
I was looking at VOX, but they also only upload the flac.

So what are the alternatives to conversion to ALAC and iTunes for iOS? Mac I don’t care - LMS is doing it’s job.

What are the advantages of flac (after all, ALAC is also open source)?

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