I've sucessfully been using Brutefir for a couple of years but only used it for the equalizer. I've recently obtained a calibrated USB microphone for my laptop and have used REW to record and save left and right speaker data then produce a filter using REW so that I could start using room correction. The first problem was that REW only produces .wav filter files where the example brutefir config wants .pcm. I've tried all sorts of ways to convert .wav -> .pcm - the best way seems to be simply be to strip out the first 44 bytes of the .wav.

Anyway, I modified the equalizer+filter config file to include the path/filenames of the .pcm filters and there was no audio output at all. Thinking the problem could have been with my filter files I modified the config file again to use the example filters that were with the brutefire examples. Still no audio!

So the basic config file with equalisation only works well but the one which includes filters doesn't work even with the brutefir example filters.

Does anyone know if this is a known problem and has anyone come up with a solution?