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    I would second the browser comments, and start there rather than anything drastic like rollbacks or reinstalls. Also more likely a Windows firewall or anti virus policy change could break it. (This is very common.)

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    There's nothing wrong with "quick & dirty"!

    Quote Originally Posted by rgro View Post
    G.E.....the "quick and dirty" workaround is to mouse over to the "settings and more" function of the Win10/Edge browser (the three little dots in the upper right corner) and use the "open with internet explorer" function. Once the page is opened with that older browser, then everything on the LMS pages will work fine. The permanent solution is to upgrade your LMS to 7.9.1 in which, according to Michael H., the problem with Edge/Win10 browser functionality with LMS has been solved.


    Morning rgro!

    Just picked up your reply, pleased to report it worked a treat in 10 seconds.

    Can't really to bothered to go any further for the time being, after all one doesn't need to get to the innards of LMS that often, it's just reassuring to know that you can easily should the need arise.

    I like "fixes" that don't change anything else, there is less scope for knock-on issues arising...

    +1 from me, thanks very much!


    P.S. I'm sure that I shall get around to installing Michael's latest version eventually, I'm a big fan of his efforts in maintaining & developing LMS: it's just that ver 7.7.6 works OK for me atm
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