Running on picoreplayer 3.11. When I set it up originally all working perfectly. I recently noticed is not synchronised anymore. When I manually enter in valid username and password I get this error even after restarting LMS.

[17-06-01 21:43:32.5854] Slim::Networking::SqueezeNetwork::_error (561) Unable to login to SN: Invalid username or password.
[17-06-01 21:43:32.5867] Slim::Networking::SqueezeNetwork::_init_error (184) Unable to login to, sync is disabled: Invalid username or password. (

When I ssh onto the raspi, DNS checks out, ive got connectivity to the rest of my network and the internet. I tried to install the tcpdump extension to troubleshoot but I get this error.

Downloading: ipv6-4.4.39-pcpAudioCore_v7+.tcz
Error on ipv6-4.4.39-pcpAudioCore_v7+.tcz

I am able to install other extensions without issue. Ideally I would like to resolve the mysqueezebox issue, but if anyone can tell me how to install tcpdump on picoreplayer 3.11 I would appreciate it.