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    Quote Originally Posted by peterguk View Post
    What software would you recommend to split a single flac into individual flac track files?

    Edit: I noticed the the post didn't mention Flacon. This is a very nice splitter for Linux: https://flacon.github.io/
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    Ditto i use flacon on linux or cuetools on windows .

    Medieval. cue splitter is another tool , that often used but ”they” say it can cause some issues in the split files.’
    So on windows its cuetools now .
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    Quote Originally Posted by squeezevici View Post
    I have hundreds of CD's that I ripped years ago that have not been tagged. Using artist, album, etc. is useless for me.
    I like the old-fashioned "which CD will I listen to now?" approach. (my CD's were in alphabetical order haha) It works great if the flac is split, but not when there is a cue file.

    Is this something that is going to be fixed (and if not, why not) or do I have to downgrade to 7.7?
    Hello, l'm having the same problem with a single .wav file and .cue sheet.
    With version 7.8 l can press play on the diectory where the two files are stored and have LMS play them.
    With version 7.9 on l get an error message telling "cannot open file type for..."

    I have a collection of 3000 records ripped like that (single .wav+.cue sheet) and it would be quite annoying having to split them all.
    And, besides that, it amazes me why a new LMS version shouldn't do what the previous did.

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