Has anyone started work on using Google AIY Voice Kit (voice control as a basic Google Home) to control LMS?

There is a Raspberry Pi HAT board and supporting software that was given away with the May issue of "The MagPi" magazine.
One piece of good news is that most of the software does not rely on the Google board being used.
In theory it can work with any Linux supported Mic and sound output (e.g. local analogue or HDMI).

The local capabilities do not have the "intelligence" to semantically understand a spoken sentence but it does a good job to Voice-to-text.

I wrote some code to make it control some Pimoroni lights and can see how it could readily perform tasks like
select player X
Play Favorite Y
Play Artist Z

I know that there is great work being done by meep on getting things to work with Amazon Echo Alexa and I know from personal experience that this works with an emulated Alexa on RPi. However, it does require a cloud service.
The potential is there with Google Voice Kit to do it all locally I think (and/or use Google voice service in cloud).