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    FWIW, I do want to confirm that I have a workaround and that is to stop and restart LMS in the scripts. It makes everything take longer to get started. Plus the stop and restart of LMS defeats the power-on options in pCP so you have to add another line to the scripts to start the player once everything is finally running.

    Basically, it makes the normally quick and graceful pCP a little clunky when trying to make an LMS/TFT combo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rmac321 View Post
    FWIW, if I remove the parts of the line calling jivelite that create the framebufffer, then jivelite is started and output to the hdmi monitor, so jivelite isn't the culprit. There is some conflict between slimserver being called and the creation of the framebuffer. No doubt I'm missing something obvious. Unfortunately it isn't obvious to me...
    If the HDMI output works, then the framebuffer copy from fb0 to fb1 may be the solution for you. Before I found out the solution with the SDL_Videodriver, I had this tool to copy the contents of the HDMI output (/dev/fb0) into the Waveshare display (/dev/fb1). But if /dev/fb1 is not created, it probably will not work either. But it's worth a try.
    I installed the program after this tutorial: link and put the line "sudo raspi2fb --daemon --fps 20" into bootlocal.sh to start the daemon in background.
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    Thanks. I'll take a look, but as you said, if fb1 doesn't get created, then there won't be a framebuffer to copy to. It looks like I'll need to make an extension out of the raspi2fb files to test it, so when I have a chance I'll play with it.

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    questions about stuff in do_rebootstuff.sh

    Edit: My apologies to Greg and others. At least twice Greg has pointed me at the diagnostics page and at least twice I have missed that the tabs change when on that page and there is a lot more info available there than just the logs shown at first. I will spend a little more time on that page to see what I can discern. So, please don't admonish me too harshly...

    I'll leave my question here in case anyone still wants to try to point me to an answer, but I will dig through more of the diagnostics info to see if I can answer these myself.

    Original Post:
    I have a couple questions about some sections/items in do_rebootstuff.sh and some observations from playing with various settings in pCP. I'm hoping if I get a better understanding of what is happening, I can better diagnose my setup. If anybody has any insight on the following, I'd be grateful.

    Starting from a working pCP with LMS set to autostart:
    1a) Reset LMS autostart to "No" and reboot. When I subsequently attempt to start LMS from the LMS page on the pCP interface, LMS never starts. The output window never goes beyond:
    [ INFO ] Starting LMS...
    [ INFO ]
    1b) Same scenario but I issue the startup command from a ssh/terminal.
    sudo /usr/local/etc/init.d/slimserver start
    I get the response:
    sudo: /usr/local/etc/init.d/slimserver: command not found
    Why is slimserver not in init.d if autostart is set to No?
    When/how during initialization is slimserver placed in init.d when autostart is set to Yes?

    2) What is the purpose of the section in do_rebootstuff.sh
    if [ "$A_S_LMS" = "Enabled" ]; then
    	echo -n "${BLUE}Starting auto start LMS... ${NORMAL}"
    	echo "${GREEN}Done.${NORMAL}"
    That section is after the section that actually starts LMS, so I don't understand its purpose. When LMS autostart is set to Yes, this section of the script is not run, or at least it's echo statements are never output to the screen.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Answer to question 2
    I think I can answer question 2. It looks like $A_S_LMS refers to the "Auto start LMS" setting in the tweaks page rather than the similarly named setting to Auto Start LMS itself on the LMS page. IOW, it is the setting to tell LMS what to play on power-up.

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    TFT/LMS autostart conflict Solved

    Eureka! Now that I found it, it's kind of a duh!
    The solution to getting the framebuffer to be created promptly is in the bootlocal.sh script. When jivelite was enabled, the modprobe settings were placed at the end of bootlocal.sh after the call to do_rebootstuff.sh, so since they aren't called yet the framebuffer isn't created until after do_rebootstuff is finished in its entirety. Moving the modprobe commands to execute before do_rebootstuff.sh causes the framebuffer to be created and the screen to switch over and the rest of the boot/setup messages are then displayed on the TFT.

    I still don't know why slimserver needed to be stopped under the prior circumstances, but moving the modprobe commands to precede do_rebootstuff.sh negates the problem.

    Hope this helps others

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    Great to see you found the solution!

    100 points for persistence.

    I have a feeling not many people use a screen/jivelite on their LMS, it's not a combination I use or test.

    Look at [Tweaks] > [Auto start tweaks] > Auto start LMS > help

    Auto start LMS and Auto start favorites tweaks were added to pCP a long time ago and have nothing to do with the pCP LMS installation. In retrospect, I can see how the terminology is now confusing, but at the time having LMS on pCP was not envisaged.


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    re: the 2nd autostart. Yea, when I realized it followed FAV, I recalled that they were in that order on the tweaks page and realized that was probably what it was.

    re: TFT without LMS onboard. PiZeroW, TFT and picoreplayer make a great combo for a little desktop now-playing screen. Bonus is add a DAC and it can play as well, if you don't mind the occasional glitches of wireless.

    As to the addition of LMS, I don't know if I really need LMS and TFT on same device, but it became a bit of a mission and learning experience to figure it out. Was thinking of making a little desktop player for my wife for her office. Could be nice for travel. I'd also like to use a picoreplayer/LMS solution for the car, but the lack of an internet connection will make LMS less friendly there. Mostly just exploring what is possible while I mull over what to do with it...

    Thanks again for the nudges in the right direction.

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    Hello rmac,

    Congratulations, your endurance to find the problem has paid off.
    I had the combination of LMS and TFT working before nowhinjing did his tutorial. My workflow was a little different than the tutorial. In my case, I manually wrote the entries in bootlocal.sh. That's why my boot order is right.

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    Congratulations! I've just setup up PCP + LMS from the scratch on a Zero W with a cheap China 3.5 touchscreen. Using nowhinjing's tutorial (not his files, they didn't work for me), everything works out of the box - great!
    PCP (always latest version) on RasPi 3 with PhatDac (player & server)
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