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hi Matt,

The symptoms you describe sound really weird. Of course the process you go through is not "normal". Who would use software that works like that?

I assume you are using the latest pCP 3.22.

I suspect a faulty hardware, SD card or RPi. I can't work out a software issue that would cause the situation you describe.

I use the RPi1B so I am sure they work.

Thanks Greg, yes almost certainly nothing to do with the software. it is not the SD card, I have tried 3 of those and the same problem on each. Probably my WiFi dongle, but I don't want to fork out for a RPi 3 without confirmation that the WiFi is good. Reason I posted here is would be nice to confirm RPi 3 WiFi works well with pCP. Kidstypike has given me the most encouraging answer - so will probably go with the RPi 3.