After a power outage, I found that my controller wouldn't boot. It would only cycle through a sequence of flashing the button lights on and off, ending with a brief appearance of the Logitech logo in the display, then begin the cycle again. Replacing the battery seemed to fix the problem, but after two weeks I suddenly found that the battery is run down and won't charge in the controller.

If I remove the battery and set the controller in the charging cradle, the button lights all flash on and off. Thus, the controller is not usable when sitting in the cradle—which I thought it was supposed to be. Does this mean my controller is kaput?

I have tried disassembling the controller and putting it back together, but this ritual produced no change in behavior.

The charger is producing 5 volts at the contacts, and >250 mA, which is all that my tester can read. The output is supposed to be "2 Amps max." Is it conceivable that the charger is producing the requisite number of volts but not enough amps?