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    Qobuz and resampling

    I know this is quite a marginal use case, but let me try to expose it.

    a. I'm using Qobuz plugin, that is feedind lms with flc via it's own protocol hander.
    b. I have a role that convert flac to pcm and resample it to 96Khz.

    The above combination needs "I" capability to be active, F and R does not work properly.

    Problem is that I also use cue sheets with FLAC, then I need "T" capability to be on, but is now impossible in LMS when transcoding togheter "I".

    Patching LMS it will works ( the way Daphile does), but I'm thinking to a less invasive solution: Why not use a different format name with qobuz protocol handler (i.e. "qfl")?

    That way we could have different roles for qfl and flc.

    What's your mind?
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