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Thread: Newbie SBT User

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    Newbie SBT User

    Setup : ReadyNas Duo V1 WDBlue 1TB HDD Virgin SuperHub2 Logitech SBT Rega Brio (2017)

    Hi to all I've been a member in here for a while but not posted for a long time until now and I was wondering if it's possible to download the latest firmware on my SBT ? I did an update yesterday I think it was 7.7.2 but I think there's another update 7.7.5 ? Sorry if I seem a bit vague but I'm not very tech savvy at the moment. When doing the update there was no other update available so I'd be grateful if anyone could help me pit on this please?

    Also, I've got the SBT to play 24/96 files but I'm told it won't play 24/192 but is this true? Not that this matters as I can just downsample my 24/192 files.

    One other thing, albums that have artwork are very slow to load/ play if I go straight to a particular track but if I add an album with artwork in with a playlist then all is ok.

    I suppose it's a learning curve for me but overall I'm happy with this device and will look to improve its performance over time.

    Thanks in advance for any advice given.
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    Firmware on the SBT depends on Firmware coming with SqueezeServer (now: Logitech MediaServer - LMS). There actual is a brandnew 7.9.0 stable LMS on downloads.slimdevices.com. Have a look.
    24/192 could be achieved somehow, but as I don't need it I don't know how.

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    Both of my SBT ("fab4") are running firmware 7.7.3-r16676 and LMS 7.9 without issue. There is also a 7.8 firmware available:

    You can get 24/192 playback on the Touch using the "Enhanced Digital Output" applet:
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