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    Dilema - give up on Napster or risk some sort of upgrade?

    I am using a SB Touch running 7.8.0 r16754, Vortexbox 2.2 with Fedora 16, LMS Server 7.8.0 - 1387542508

    I know I'm running older versions, but my mantra was "if it ain't broken, dont fix it".

    But over the past year Napster would start to have errors, and skip tracks, and now I simply get "RAD format not supported"

    I did a little reading and it seems while I could upgrade to 7.9 and 2.4, its quite a procedure (I used to like the simple Upgrade button on the VB GUI!) - and I'm a nervous nelly!

    So is there a way to fix Napster using my current setup. If not, I may simply stop subscribing to Napster, given I also use Pandora and Spotify, but I do find that Napster/Rhapsody tend to cater for my age group more than Spoitfy which is more my daughters' taste.

    Anyway, as always, any advice welcome.

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    See my post on Vortexbox Forum . . . . .

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