Each day, I turn-on my SBB by using one of the favourites buttons (to a streamed program from a radio station - e.g. BBC), and when finished turn it off with the on/off button.

The SBB, when it first connects, outputs a continuous tone (maybe 1 in 3 starts), and, more rarely, extremely distorted audio. Both symptoms can be cleared by playing any FLAC audio, stored locally - the tone (or distortion) stops as soon as the track starts, giving the expected wonderful SBB audio... I can then return to the streamed audio preset, and everything stays good until I switch-off.

Just changing the preset to another station doesn't clear the problem (tone or distortion stays).

The SBB is synchronised with another player (a headless RPi2 + IQAudio DAC, running piCorePlayer). Output from this second player is clear/no tones/undistorted, at all times, including while the SBB gives problems. This seems to indicate that the problem isn't with the audio stream from the LMS, or the LMS.

The SBB is connected over WiFi, and the LMS runs on another RPi2, running under pCP 3.12.

SBB firmware version: 57 (the latest?)
Logitech Media Server Version: 7.9.0 - 1484464958 @ Sat Jan 21 04:09:03 UTC 2017 (not the production release, but pretty recent)

The problem has been around for a while, over many versions of LMS, and also before using pCP, but I believe it now occurs more frequently. I've set-up a daily re-start of the LMS, in case that helped, but it had no effect.

The work-around of playing locally stored audio is fine for me, but isn't so popular with the other users in the household...

Any suggestions, please, on how I might stop this happening? One thing I haven't tried is turning-off synch to the other player, to what effect this has.

Thanks in advance/paul