Hey all
Just got the deluxe version of Tusk from HDtracks & would appreciate any suggestions on how best to tag it.
It's over five discs:
Disc One: Original Album Remastered
Disc Two: Singles, Outtakes, Sessions
Disc Three: The Alternate Tusk
Disc Four: Tusk Tour Live 1
Disc Four: Tusk Tour Live 2
Usually I'd tag the entire album with the same name but in this instance I'd like to keep the headers as listed.
I've set the "ALBUMSORT" tag to "Tusk" so they all appear together but would prefer a single entry.
Is it possible to make a single "container" that would appear in the album list that when opened would reveal the five discs contained within?
Or can you suggest a better method of tagging that would still leave the separate album titles visible?

Cheers, Paul