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    Hi philippe44,

    I am now working with the framework you made for me. I did the first compilation with it and got some compiler messages. I can get rid of them, but I do not wat to break things up. Could you do me a favor an look into them?

    Since this is not working very good in terms of platform dependencies etc. I am left that SendARP out and use now the MAC I am reading from the hue's config info. All I saw is that the mac is only needed for "naming" squeezelite... Can I then also delte the "MakeMacUnique" function?
    for the LINKALL, it's not an issue but you can add #undef LINKALL in resample.c just before the #define LINKALL 1

    for SendARP, this has been a messy piece in the UPnP version that I never corrected. You can do the following

    1- Remove the "ip" member in struct sHB
    2- Change in AddHueDevice, the SendARP line by
    	if (SendARP(ip, INADDR_ANY, (u32_t*) Device->sq_config.mac, &mac_size)) {
    3- Add a "in_addr_t ip;" local variable in the function
    4- Change ExtractIP (and declaration)
    in_addr_t ExtractIP(const char *URL)
    	char *p1, ip[32];
    	sscanf(URL, "http://%31s", ip);
    	ip[31] = '\0';
    	p1 = strchr(ip, ':');
    	if (p1) *p1 = '\0';
    	return inet_addr(ip);
    5- Change the ExtractIP call by
    ip = ExtractIP(location);
    But you can also simply remove it and use the mac address if you have it from the Hue discovery and in that case you can foget the MakeMacUnique as well

    [edit]: let me know when/if you have completed the framework integration, I'll try to compile the version in my environment (I wanted to but I realized this is still the "old" squeeze2hue.c for example, so I stopped for the moment)
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