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    piCore with a Hifiberry DAC+ pro


    Today I was experimenting with my two RPis and HifiBerry DAC+ and HifiBerry DAC+ pro. Material used was Gidon Kremer's rendition of J.S. Bach Partitas, which is quite harsh on any digital equipment. Additional testing with Hńndel's Suites for Keyboard performed by the one and only Keith Jarrett.

    After much tweaking, A/B testing and more tweaking I finally found the right spot for two admittedly, sub-optimal Kanto Yu2 speakers and the RPi3+DAC pro.

    1. In alsamixer set Analogue gain to zero
    2. set the DSP Program to FIR interpolation with de-emphasis
    3. on LMS set output level to fixed to 100%
    4. on the piCore install the alsa equalizer under Tweaks beta.

    I got awesome results with these equalizer settings:
    Hz gain
    31 66
    63 62
    125 58
    250 62
    500 66
    1000 66
    2000 62
    4000 58
    8000 66
    16000 66

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