I began having an issue with my Squeezebox Classic last night (April 8). I had just installed a VPN where it disrupted my normal streaming. Typically I stream Pandora and various iTunes media/playlists. I disconnect my VPN now to play and I was able to finally get Pandora back but I cannot for the life of me scan my iTunes media. I have been alternatively using LogitechMediaServer-7.7.5 which is available via mysqueezebox.com and the latest beta update LogitechMediaServer-7.9.1-1491548882.

When I first installed the VPN I got an error on the squeezebox classic display indicating in invalid IP address for mysqueezebox.com. One I disconnected the VPN that went away (that makes sense to me because there must be a issue with the VPN requirements) and was able to find my apps again, including Pandora. But as I say I cannot scan and play My Music as before.

Any ideas? Dan