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    adding radio stations to favorites ???


    I couldn`t figure out how to add a radio station e.g. from TuneIn to the "favorites folder" of the LMS

    Is there a plugin or a trick available to get this done

    I don`t want to copy the stream URL and create the favorite by hand - in the best case I listen to a radio and click a star symbol to add it to the favorite list.

    Greets Erich

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    I figured out what the problem is.
    In my eyes this is a bug.

    There are 2 ways to search for a webradio
    Name:  LMS_favorites1.jpg
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    when klicking on the search link you get to a new page where you can search for the station.
    Name:  LMS_favorites2.jpg
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    BUT here the add to favorite icon is missing

    When using the seach field on the home screen - then the result contains the Button I was talking about.
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    Who can fix this

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