I used to be very ancius about this , but it's not as all important as some think ( the audiophile thinking is that the sound is completely destroyed if not bit perfect ) .

It can be beneficial for some dac to not get full volume but -3dB or somesuch due to intersample clipping in oversampling filters .

The typical noise levels in recordings are rarely as good as 16bits anyway 13bits is a good guess then its random noise .

Modern digital tech with dither etc and well bits against db actually works out (se my signature for some videos ).
The staircase things shown in audio magazines are not how digital audio works.

I use the set volume at decent level and then use the player for my second pair of speakers i use .

If one wants to be perfectionist the Touch does have a clever volume that fits the 16 bits onto the 24 bit format quite good ,but its not a properly dithered one.
Wonder if not the PI3 and picore + DAC i use now is even better .

In my main rig with my Meridian Speakers there is no analog volume its digital all the way
Its ver y good implemetation and it actually performs better than any analog volume could , try to track 5.1*2 channels with a potentiometer (digital xover there is 3 or 2 analog amps in each speaker )