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    Synology 7.9.1 packages

    Hi all,

    LmsUpdate are updated packages based on the LMS beta packages provided by Synology.

    DSM6 packages are available for the following nas:
    • x86_64 = DS1511+, DS1512+, DS1513+, DS1515+, DS1812+, DS1813+, DS1815+, DS216+, DS216+II, DS218+, DS2411+, DS2413+, DS2415+, DS3615xs, DS411+II, DS412+, DS415+, DS416play, DS418play, DS712+, DS713+, DS716+, DS716+II, DS718+, DS916+, DS918+
    • armada370 = DS114, DS115j, DS213j, DS214se, DS216se, DS414slim
    • armada375 = DS115, DS215j
    • armada38x = DS116, DS216, DS216j, DS218j, DS416j, DS416slim
    • armv5 = DS111, DS112, DS112+, DS112j, DS211, DS211+, DS211j, DS212, DS212+, DS212j, DS213, DS213air, DS411, DS411j, DS411slim, DS413j
    • armv7 = DS1515, DS215+, DS416, DS715
    • armv8 = DS118, DS218, DS218play, DS418j, DS418
    • i686 = DS214play, DS415play
    • monaco = DS216play

    DSM6 packages: https://sourceforge.net/projects/lms.../files/DSM6.x/
    DSM5 packages: https://sourceforge.net/projects/lms.../files/DSM5.x/

    • In Package Center: go to ->settings -> set trust level to 'all pubishers'.
    • Download the correct package from SourceForge
    • Install the package manually via Package Center

    DSDplayer plug-in for x86_64 nas: https://sourceforge.net/projects/lms...player_x86_64/

    For those running LmsRepack: LmsRepack is discontinued, you are advised to remove LmsRepack, reboot your nas and switch to either the Synology beta package or LmsUpdate (if available).
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