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    Enabling Spotify

    The Touch now seems to want me to "Enable Spotify Account" on mysqueezebox.com before Spotify will work, However, going there and clicking "Enable Spotify Account" has no effect. The status on the Player Settings tab is "Enabled" and my account on spotify.com shows "Spotify for Squeezebox" as an approved application. Any tips as to how to get Spotify working with the Touch again, please?

    With best wishes

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    Enabling Spotify

    Is the Touch connected to LMS or mysb.com? If LMS, did you set your
    mysb.com credentials in Settings/mysqueezebox.com?



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    It's connected to LMS and the mysqeezebox.com credentials have been entered in Settings (although the stars representing the password disappear as soon as you press Apply).

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    Hi Anthony

    I've been playing around, and managed to completely screw up my Spotify access, but I learned a bit in the process.

    If you log into Spotify and go to your account and look at apps you should be able to see whether your server has logged in. If it has delete it.
    If you then go to your account in mysb.com and look at the Spotify app you'll see a red circle with a - in it. Click on it, and it will delete your login from mysb.com .
    From there you can then enter your login details, which should then take to a further login page, asking if you want to allow mysb to connect.
    Chris :)

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    Beyond the call of duty, Chris!! I shall attend to this straight away and report back.

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    1) Completely remove LMS
    2) Install 7.7.5
    3) Configure appropriately
    4) Spotify appears as an app but the Triode one does not (the enable tick won't take)
    5) Revoke Access on spotify.com to "Spotify for Squeezebox"
    6) Remove the Spotify account on mysqueezebox.com, re-add it and click Enable Spotify Account
    7) Check that "Spotify for Squeezbox" has reappeared in the Approved Applications list on spotify.com
    8) Restart the LMS service
    9) Try to use Spotify within LMS and get....."We have updated the Spotify App. To take advantage of these new and exciting features, please go to www.mysqueezebox.com to enable your Spotify account."

    And therein lies the problem. I have no idea what to do so that LMS recognizes that Spotity for Squeezebox IS enabled.

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    I can get the Triode SpotifyFamily6 app to stick but when I ask it to go to Spotify it responds:

    Error reading headers: Server closed connection without sending any data back at /Net/HTTP/Methods.pm line 306.
    ...propagated at /Net/HTTP/NB.pm line 32.

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    which OS (Windows) are you using on your computer? also which antivirus and firewall?


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    Hello Ronnie

    Windows 10 Pro (Firewall enabled, with Spotify and LMS allowed) / Sophos Endpoint / SonicWALL hardware firewall. Adguard also running.


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    Hi Anthony

    I’ve had another play.

    This time I shut down my NAS (running LMS) to simplify the situation.
    Only one server, so no possibility of a mix up jumping from one to another.
    I installed LMS 7.7.5 on my laptop, and used the web interface to set the area I wanted to be scanned, leaving it to scan.

    I navigated to Spotify and revoked LMS access.
    I then navigated to mysb.com and deleted the players, deleted the login to Spotify, and finally removed the app from my app list.

    I then opened up the web interface LMS web interface, went into settings/mysb.com and entered my mysb.com login credentials.
    After that I went back to the LMS home screen, and clicked on My Apps/App Gallery, which opened to my mysb.com account.
    I then proceeded to add Spotify to my apps, and then went into my list of apps and opened the Spotify app, entered my login credentials for access, and clicked to enter details, whereupon I had another screen (from Spotify) appearing and asking for confirmation that I wanted to permit access, which I agreed to.

    I then went to the nearest (wired) player, and held the reset button until the device restored itself to factory settings, and continued on to setting up login for mysb.com , and the Spotify app installed itself onto the player.
    I used the player’s touch screen to access Spotify, and gained access to my saved artists.
    I backed out of Spotify, and navigated to My Music/switch server and pointed the player at my newly installed LMS server.

    I then rebooted the laptop, which stopped and restarted LMS in the process.
    Opening up the LMS web interface I could see that the Spotify app had reappeared under My Apps on the home screen, and I could open the app and get the appropriate responses on the screen.
    I currently have Ben Harper's "Welcome To The Cruel World" playing from Spotify servers.

    The laptop is running Windows10.
    Chris :)

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