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Thread: Kodi et DVB-S

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    Kodi et DVB-S

    Bonjour Ó tous

    j'Úcoute des radios satellite emise par HotBird Ó l'aide d'un tuner DVB-S connÚctÚ sur un raspberry3 sur lequel est installÚ KODI
    D'autre part, Logitech Media Server est installÚ sur un NAS synology pour diffuser une bibliotheque musicale sur une SqueezeBox Touch
    Quelqu'un aurait-il la solution pour pouvoir lire sur ma squeezeBox Touch la radio de KODI, c'est Ó dire faire la liaison entre KODI et Logitech Media Server pour un flux radio

    I listen to satellites radios via one S960Connected on a raspberry3 with KODI installed on
    I listen too music with a squeezeBox Touch connected on a NAS Synology with LMS
    Does somebody know how to listen on my SquezeBox Touch the radio from Kodi ? Which plugin should I install

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    A guy in an german Squeezebox Forum posted a HowTo for DVB-C Radio received by a RasPi 3.
    The DVB Streams have to be converted. Therefore he used tvheadend.
    Here the Link to its HowTo:

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