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For the record, and trying to get something useful out of this thread :-) ...

Yes, ReadyNAS Ultra is running: Perl Version: 5.8.8 - i486-linux-gnu-thread-multi.

Regarding the crashes I got when doing the initial setup of a clean LMS79x installs on my ReadyNAS and on my Windows PC, I came to think about the new 79x option to include pictures and videos in your scanning/library. I think I saw in some thread that scanning for pictures might make LMS crash. I just tried installing LMS791 on Synology DS716+ II (via pinkdot's LmsRepack packages), and noticed it did not crash when setting the Media Library Name on the Basic Settings tab. But this time I also de-selected the "Picture" and "Video" check-boxes before applying the settings. I'm not sure if I did that already at this point when installing on my NAS or on my Windows PC.

It made me think:
1) It would of course be good to fix it so it doesn't crash, but...
2) Maybe "Pictures" and "Video" shouldn't be selected by default on a clean install? I would guess it are nice bonus features for a few people, but most probably just install LMS for streaming and handling of their Music collection. And it 's such a bad start to crash the first time you start LMS.
It's a good point I thought everybody knew that it was "best practice" to deselect pictures and videos for a trouble free scan I've been doing that for years . Not many are actually using the features and plugins it once was implemented for and is suspect that many recent cases of scanning problems could be avoided .